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Web Design & Photo Styling for Brands, Blogs, & Businesses.
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DesignedByDeV is a website design boutique that provides an array of services to small businesses looking to make their mark on the web. 

At DesignedByDeV, we fuse your passion and your business together to make your presence known on the internet.

DesignedByDeV offers new and existing small businesses design services that includes consulting, creating a new website, and monthly maintenance of your website.  Our services will entice clients and competitors alike to seek your out for services, collaborations, or attempt to mimic your businesses aesthetic.

Let us help you turn your vision into reality!


I am the owner of a Boutique Web Design company based in the Washington, DC area. Designed by DeV is a boutique web design company making a mark online by helping businesses turn their passion into reality. My focus is specializing in  Brand Styling, Website Design and Website Maintenance.


What We Specialize In

Website Design
Website Maintenance


Are you ready to turn your passion into a reality?

If you would like to begin the process of developing your brand