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Let’s Work Together!

Hi, I’m DeV affectionately known as the “Chic Nerd”

I am the owner of a Boutique Web Design company based in the Washington, DC area. Designed by DeV is a boutique web design company making a mark online by helping businesses turn their passion into reality. My focus is specializing in  Brand Styling, Website Design and Website Maintenance.

Where It All Began…

The passion of web design began shortly after I graduated with my MBA in 2011. It further blossomed after assisting a friend with a Blogger website. I later learned how to convert and develop the Blogger website into a WordPress.com site,  and eventually into a self-hosted website. My consistent eagerness to learn generated my desire to take courses to learn code and web design which I now implement into my web design practices. While Designed By DeV specializes in Brand Styling, Website design on the WordPress Platform and Website Maintenance, I am always willing to work with additional CMS platforms for clients.


 The goal of Designed By DeV is to assist young entrepreneurs with turning their passion into a reality.  If you would like to begin the process of developing your brand, please review the Services page.

Let’s keep in touch!

Get To Know DeV

Favorite Quotes

 “What You Do Today Can Change The Course Of Your Life Far Into The Future. Today Is Critical. Today Really Counts.”

– Ralph S. Marston, Jr. 


“Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear, But Rather The Judgement That Something Else Is More Important Than Fear.”

– James Neil Hollingsworth



Be Successful As Yourself And Not What Others Do.

-Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter


“You Make A Living From What You Get, You Make Life From What You Give.”



“Change Your Beliefs So They Empower Your Dreams.”


10 Very Random Facts About Me

My Favorite Color Is Pink, Obviously lol


I LOVE the sound of crunching leaves in the fall


My Favorite Food Is Mac n Cheese (yum)


I’ve Had The Same Favorite Stuffed Cat (Lucy), since I was 2.


I Still Have All Of The Disney Movies On VHS


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Listening To Music


I Am Currently Reading Several Books


I Am Addicted To YouTube Makeup And Hair Tutorials


I Want to Learn How To Play The Drums

( I am Currently The Best Air Drummer Ever!) lol


I Collect Quotes ( I Wanted To Publish A Book Of Quotes)